09 setembro, 2010

Be yourself

Finally I had a good day, well, better than usual these last days, I don’t know if it was because of my want or if it was just a different day, but one thing I have sure, today I felt good, and everything seemed better when we are in peace.
Perhaps the cause of all of this was my want to change, I was tired of everything and nothing better than change something in our life.
Maybe it was just one day but it just depend of me continue with this good humor because for now I just want be calm and think about myself, I need my space, I need more time for me, I need think about everything in my life, I know that it can seem selfish, but all of we sometimes need this space, sometimes we need to be alone to think in everything, sometimes we need close our eyes to open again with a different way to see the life, to see all good things that we have in our life.
This text in English reflect my selfish, I know that not everybody understand so well English but today I felt the necessity of write in English, and I felt that it is my blog, my space and in my space I can do whatever I want.
So, I hope that this text doesn’t contribute for abandon your visits, and I promise that tomorrow I will write in Portuguese.
Today I’m fell better, I feel like a new person but it is not everything I continue thinking that something miss me, and I will looking for it but not now, when I feel that I ‘m ready I will, until now I want be like myself.

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